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  • Content Creation and Blogging

    Quality writing is an aspect of marketing some small businesses may overlook, but it's arguably one of the most important. Quality content, shows that your business is professional and has attention to detail. A website with well thought out written content, expertly crafted to appeal to your prospective clients, shows your small business or organization is professional in communication customer service.

    There's more to quality content than just grammar and spelling. Effective written content presents your message clearly to your customers in a way that's interesting and appropriate for your industry. Effex Agency will write great content customized for your audience. Whether it's a quick sales pitch, blog post, social media content or an in depth article, we have the skill to write exactly what you need.

    Blogging and Social Media

    More and more customers are learning about and choosing businesses through social media. Even more are using Facebook and Twitter to keep up with business and brands that they like. To take advantage of this trend, your business or organization needs to be creating regular content. The content needs to be interesting, something your social media followers will read and share.

    Our expert content writers know what gets attention on the social web. Let us find the strategies that work for you to keep existing customers coming back and bring in new ones for the first time.

    Content for Search

    Quality content is becoming more and more important for good search engine ranking. Google is constantly working on their algorithms to make "gaming" the search results more difficult.

    So forget sketchy search engine optimization tricks that promise the world. Creating quality content that people want to share will always be a sure way to dominate search results. Amazing content is not all you need for people to find your business when they search, but it's a very strong foundation.

  • Google Plus for your Small Business

    Last week Google Plus turned two years old. The search giant's social network has had trouble catching up with the big players like Facebook and Twitter despite regular new features and updates. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider creating a page for your Brevard small business. There are some real benefits to being on Google Plus.

  • More Ways to Optimize Your Business' Local Search

    Last week we looked at a few ways to improve local search standing for your business. This is such an important topic for Brevard small businesses, we wanted to show more ways to get an advantage over your competition in Google local search.

  • Optimizing Your Business for Local Search

    One of the best ways to drive traffic to your small business website is to make sure you rank well in local listings. Over half of Google searches are from logged in users and many more are searching from mobile phones. In both cases, location information is available and automatically factored into the search results. So, someone searching for a restaurant or auto mechanic, will automatically see localized results.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search engine optimization, or "SEO." is all about increasing traffic to your website by improving it's "organic" or non-paid listing rank on major search engines like Google and Bing.

    Google and other search engines offer guidelines on how to make your site as friendly as possible to them. These guidelines are mostly universal. Effex Agency uses the techniques outlined in these guides and independent expert research to remove all obstacles between your content and the search engine.

    Effex Agency has the expertise to build your site to achieve great search traffic results the right way. We use only "white hat" techniques and avoid tricks that might penalize your site's search standing. We don't make unrealistic promises about what our SEO can do, we simply know that the long term benefits will be well worth it.

    Well Researched Content

    Content is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization. If the content at the core of your website is not quality original material, theres only so much we can do. As search algorithms become more sophisticated, fewer tricks work and new techniques focus more on content and sharing more than ever.

    When Effex Agency builds you a new website or reviews your existing site, we research your industry and target customer groups to see how they search, where they search and what they type when they search. With this information in mind, we review all your provided text, or write your content from scratch, to insure it's optimized to target the search keywords your prospective audience is using.

    Rock Solid Code

    From a technical standpoint, we build sites using clean and concise code. Well written code means search engine spiders can easily access your content. We build website layouts with SEO in mind, using best practices for tags, structure and navigation.

    Interested in search engine marketing optimization for your small business website or getting a new website thats already optimized? Contact Effex Agency using the form below or call us at 321-652-5851 today.

  • What it Takes for Small Business Online Success

    At Effex Agency we spend a lot of out time talking about social media and search engine marketing for our Melbourne, Florida small business clients. We often hear about how overwhelming it can be to do even basic research. Articles are written every day by countless blogs and websites on the ins and outs of being seen on the web.

    Don't be overwhelmed, and definitely don't give up in frustration. Regardless of your budget, personal computer knowledge or the nature of your business, there are things that will work for you online. Just keep these tips in mind.

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