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  • Comfort Suites Palm Bay, Responsive Website Design

    Less than five miles from Melbourne Beach and within close proximity to I-95, Comfort Suites Palm Bay is home to miles of pristine, picturesque beaches and retreats. Not to mention, they're just minutes from Brevard Zoo, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne International Airport and the Melbourne Convention Center.

  • Lady Jay's Tanning and Boutique Website Design

    Lady Jay's Tanning and Boutique serves Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach. They came to Effex Agency looking for a clean modern website to showcase their local small business.

  • Laura D. Seimers, P.A., Melbourne Lawyer Website Design

    Laura D. Siemers P.A. is a skilled attorney with over 10 years in Brevard. She does 100% criminal defense work and came to us looking for a more flexible and less expensive alternative for her website.

  • Made in Brevard

    As a small business based in Brevard County, Effex Agency works with many of the local Chambers of Commerce and other economic groups. We wanted to tell you about "Made In Brevard" a joint venture among the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast (EDC) and the four Chambers.

  • Malabar Baptist Responsive Website Redesign

    The First Baptist Church of Malabar sits on Malabar Road in the center of town but their diverse congregation comes from all over South Brevard. They wanted a new website and brand to reflect their vibrant Christian community and get people, who may have overlooked them before, to take notice.

  • Peninsula Title Services, Responsive Website Design

    Peninsula Title Services is a title insurance company. They've been serving real estate professionals in Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida for many years. They came to Effex Agency looking for a new updated website with a host of features that would draw potential clients to them.

  • Rivera United Church of Christ, Responsive Website Design

    Riviera United Church of Christ is a dynamic church in Palm bay With a unique and powerful message. They came to Effex Agency because their current website was unprofessional and required many man hours to update manually. They wanted a way to better showcase their ministries and congregation online. They also needed to connect all of their online activities in one place.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Search engine marketing is a collection of techniques that improves the chance of your website showing up when someone searches for what your business does. Effex Agency will work with you to create an internet marketing strategy, using the tactics outlined below, that will drive traffic to your website and increase sales.

    Organic Search

    Organic search results are the listings on a search engine results page that appear based on their relevance compared to the search terms. Getting good ranking under organic search requires creating a website using strong search engine optimization techniques, writing regular targeted content and a bit of patience.

    Organic search ranking, depending on your target terms can take some time to cultivate but it will more than pay off in the end. When your website ranks well under key search term and drives business your way, you'll be glad you made the investment.

    Local Search

    With 97% of consumers going online to research local purchasing decisions, local search engine marketing has become more important than ever for small businesses in Melbourne, Florida.

    Whether it's for convenience, better service or to support the local economy, many consumers are choosing to shop local and patronize small business. Most of them start by looking online. Is your business listing in Google Local and similar local search sites up to date and complete?

    Our experts will work with you to optimize your local search listings on services like Google+ Local, Bing Places and Facebook check-in. Potential clients will see your listing, visit your website and become your customer first.

    Link Building

    A huge factor in how today's search engines rank the importance of webpages, is how many other sites link to them. Building those links requires quality content that others see value in linking to and takes a lot of time and networking with bloggers and website owners. Our experts can help you build those networks and spread your message far and wide. We even offer content writing services to keep the momentum going.

    Social Media

    The amount of attention your brand gets on social network sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others has become an important part of search ranking. Let us help you get the most out social media and leverage it to improve your search ranking.

    Interested in search engine marketing services for your small business? Contact Effex Agency using the form below or call us at 321-652-5851 today.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search engine optimization, or "SEO." is all about increasing traffic to your website by improving it's "organic" or non-paid listing rank on major search engines like Google and Bing.

    Google and other search engines offer guidelines on how to make your site as friendly as possible to them. These guidelines are mostly universal. Effex Agency uses the techniques outlined in these guides and independent expert research to remove all obstacles between your content and the search engine.

    Effex Agency has the expertise to build your site to achieve great search traffic results the right way. We use only "white hat" techniques and avoid tricks that might penalize your site's search standing. We don't make unrealistic promises about what our SEO can do, we simply know that the long term benefits will be well worth it.

    Well Researched Content

    Content is one of the most important factors in search engine optimization. If the content at the core of your website is not quality original material, theres only so much we can do. As search algorithms become more sophisticated, fewer tricks work and new techniques focus more on content and sharing more than ever.

    When Effex Agency builds you a new website or reviews your existing site, we research your industry and target customer groups to see how they search, where they search and what they type when they search. With this information in mind, we review all your provided text, or write your content from scratch, to insure it's optimized to target the search keywords your prospective audience is using.

    Rock Solid Code

    From a technical standpoint, we build sites using clean and concise code. Well written code means search engine spiders can easily access your content. We build website layouts with SEO in mind, using best practices for tags, structure and navigation.

    Interested in search engine marketing optimization for your small business website or getting a new website thats already optimized? Contact Effex Agency using the form below or call us at 321-652-5851 today.

  • The Tritt Wellness Center Website Design

    The Tritt Wellness Center approached Effex Agency looking for an online presence that would attract people interested in the benefits of acupuncture, massage, natural herbal remedies and holistic medicine. They wanted to include a wealth of information about their practice to assure prospective patients that they were very much experts in their field.

  • Will a Free Website Hurt Your Business?

    Sometimes, when we talk to small business owners in Brevard County they ask about the free website options on the internet. Since Geo-cities in the early days of the internet there have been places to create your own "free" website. Now there are a variety of free blog and website options and most hosting companies offer a website builder tool. Free websites offer the ability to get your message out quickly and cheaply. Unfortunately, customers will see exactly that, a cheap website.

  • Your Headline Matters for Social Sharing

    When you're writing content for your blog or the news section of your Melbourne, Florida business website, getting your content shared on social media platforms - like Facebook and Twitter - is your major goal. To get your message out and secure a good spot on search engine result pages, your new page being shared widely is critical.

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