For over 25 years, Candlelighters has helped children and there families suffering from cancer. It was a true joy to have Effex Agency help this powerful non-profit organization. They came to us looking for a new site that will allow them to update easier and be more interactive with there needs as a organization.

They came to us looking for ways to build a consistent brand for their local non-profit after years of non communication with there old webdesign company they finally got frustrated and came to a company that wanted to be part of there team. We built a cutting edge mobile responsive website to highlight the shop's quality services and years of expertise.

Social Media Integration

Candlelighters leverages its Facebook following by offering specials to drive business and share photos of new products and custom work performed by them. Their website makes it easy for visitors to follow them on Facebook. Buttons on each page make it easy to share the website's content on a variety of social networks.

Event Calendar 

Candlelighters wanted a dynamic Event Calender. They wanted to update people to know about there latest events and fundraising opportunity's. They needed to be able to interact with there visitors and engage future donors. 

Localized SEO

The website is search engine optimized using terms relevant to the services Candlelighters of Brevard offers and terms relevant for the areas where they service. We optimized their site and local search presence to focus on the areas where they were most likely to get visitors and gather the most donations.

Responsive Website Design

The new Candlelighters of Brevard website is completely mobile responsive. Visitors will have a great experience no matter what device they're on. Tablets, smartphones and PC's will all show unique layouts optimized for screen size. Even the contact forms and directions map are designed to be easy to use on any device.

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