For 10 years Alidade MER has provided insight, advice and support for operations and maintenance excellence. Organizations manage physical assets and processes through people. Their services include consulting in maintenance management, reliability engineering and leadership & management through facilitation, training and coaching services. They also endorse several technologies and services of partner firms that provide complimentary services or technical capabilities to help us deliver results for our customers. 

Wordpress Content Management System (CMS)

The website needed to be easy enough for Alidaded MER employees to update content and add pictures to their galleries. We knew that their best bet for a CMS was Wordpress. A content management system that makes updating a website easy. A fully featured dashboard control panel gave them complete control over adding and editing pages, blogs, galleries and more.

Responsive Website Design

The Allidade MER website is completely mobile responsive. Visitors will have a great experience no matter what device they're on. Tablets, smartphones and PC's will all show unique layouts optimized for screen size. Even the contact forms and directions map are designed to be easy to use on any device.

Article Feeds

The Alidade MER website is completely designed to display the newest article written by owner Tom Mority. These articles are featured all over the web and now Alidade MER has a set location for a dynamic archive. 

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