Florida CHAIN, a state wide health care advocacy group, came to Effex Agency looking to rebuild their website from the ground up. They had outgrown their current website, they couldn't add content easily or adapt the site to new campaigns. The design was also outdated and overly bold. It distracted from the content instead of complementing it.

Simplified Color Pallette

To begin we looked at the Florida CHAIN's current brand. We updated and tightened the organization's existing image with a dark blue and pale yellow color pallette, phasing out the previous faux gold color that appeared inconsistent across print and digital platforms.

By simplifying the color pallette and adding large engaging photography, we were able to bring the user's focus back to the content and away from arbitrary design elements.

Social Media Activism

A large part of Florida CHAIN's mission is to reach people and educate them or urge them to take action. They knew Social Media - specifically Facebook, Twitter and YouTube - were excellent communication tools and they had already been active on those platforms. We were sure to integrate social media into their new website with calls to action, icon links and content feeds throughout the website.

Media Integration

Florida CHAIN had a need to include press coverage content on their site. This content included a lot of multimedia. Videos, audio recordings and PDF documents were often the focus of their updates. On their former website, these types of content had to be linked to in inconvenient unintuitive ways.

Their new Effex Agency built site easily integrates video from their YouTube Channel, audio clips and PDF documents in a way that's easy for them to upload and easy for visitors to access.

Content Heavy Layout

Florida CHAIN's new website has a lot of information on it, to put it lightly. Organizing all of that information was a challenge. The final website, dynamically organizes content by subject and type in an intuitive way and mch of the information can be accessed from many places making it easy for a visitor to find what they're looking for.

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