Brevard Health Exchange is as a Florida licensed agency providing health and life insurance options in the Health and Life Insurance Marketplace. Their agents are Marketplace trained and FFM certified and professionally trained to discuss concepts on how to retire with tax-free income for the rest of a client’s life while leaving a legacy to one’s heirs.  They offer both ON and OFF Marketplace solutions for health insurance, LIFE QUOTES, Dental and Vision Plans, as well as AFLAC for Business and Individuals.



Online Quote Tools

The Brevard Health Exchange website features tools and resources that are useful for potential clients who want to get the best quote possible when looking for the best possible insurance.

Events Calendar 

The Brevard Health Exchange website features a dynamic Events Calendar that allows the visitors to see the next speaking engagement for their company. This is a useful tool to know when they will be doing affordable health care act sign ups around Brevard county..


Responsive Website Design

The new company website is completely mobile responsive. Visitors will have a great experience no matter what device they're on. Tablets, smartphones and PC's will all show unique layouts optimized for screen size. Even the title order forms and tools are designed to be easy to use on any device.

Local Search Optimized

As a local business,Brevard Health Exchange needed to target people looking for their services in Brevard county and all over the Space Coast. We built their site and crafted their content to heavily target Palm Bay and Melbourne, Florida, increasing local traffic.

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