Is Google Plus right for your small business

Last week Google Plus turned two years old. The search giant's social network has had trouble catching up with the big players like Facebook and Twitter despite regular new features and updates. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider creating a page for your Brevard small business. There are some real benefits to being on Google Plus.


If content creation or blogging are part of your search marketing plan, Google Plus' tools to claim ownership of the content you write is invaluable. Attribution in search results builds your credibility and links and referrals are based on who made them, not where they are.

Authorship leads viewers back to you and through you to your business. By making sure content is attributed to you, you will build a reputation as an industry expert; improving your business and profits.

Search Engine Recognition

It's estimated between 30% and 50% of Google searches are done by users who are logged in to a Google account. A strong presence on Google Plus is shown to improve ranking on Google's search engine. It's no replacement for a good search engine marketing strategy but it can make a real difference now. And Google has indicated they want to make social cues a larger part of search and offer more personalized results, meaning their own social network will only become more important moving forward.

Awesome Tools

Besides it's tie-ins to search, Google Plus offers a few really innovative tools.

Hangouts has received a lot of deserved attention. The group video chat service is arguably the best option without paying for enterprise software. It offers the ability for more than two people to video chat through their browsers and boasts screen sharing, live broadcasting, YouTube integration and more.

Google Local listing have been bundled into Google Plus as well, making a page for local businesses like retail stores and restaurants a must.

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