Facebook: 50% News, 30% Personality, 20% Business

There's a lot of advice out there on how to get the most out of your business' Facebook page. When it comes to Effex Agency's tactics for Facebook marketing in Melbourne, Florida and elsewhere, we like to use the 50/30/20 rule as a good starting point.

This rule was developed by Marty Weintraub and Lauren Litwinka in their book "The Complete Social Media Community Manager's Guide." It's simple, makes sense and really works.

50% News

About half of what you post on your Facebook page should be news from reliable, non-competitive news sources. Find news sources that work for your small business. Local news, community events, industry news websites, Twitter and the local chamber of commerce are all great sources for the information you need.

News posts establish you as an expert; someone who follows their industry and shares important information with your followers. It's also easy to do since nothing has to be created, you're simply linking to other content. Be sure to prompt your audience for feedback in the comments to promote conversation and improved visibility.

30% Personality

Adding personality to your Facebook page can be difficult. Depending on the nature of your business this content might be very casual or professional. Company blogs, commentary on your industry, pop culture musings, funny memes and personal interest stories are all examples of ways to make sure your audience knows you're human and can make a personal connection.

20% Business

The smallest portion of content is the actual self promotion. Remember that hard sales do not work well on social media. If you're going to offer sales or discount's on Facebook, make them really good and infrequent.

There are plenty of other ways you can promote your products and services on Facebook. Try linking to new customer testimonials as they come in, spotlight new products or services, feature existing clients or poast case studies of completed work. Anything that highlights your business in a positive light without shouting "Buy it Now" is ideal.

Like always, your unique business will shape your Facebook presence. These guidelines here are a great starting point but to really shine on social media regular analysis and tweaking is needed. If you're interested in improving your small business' social media marketing, contact us using the form below.

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