There's an old marketing adage called the "rule of seven." It states, generally, that a prospective client needs to see or hear your message seven times before they'll buy your product or service. The exact number is debatable but the idea is simple. The more your business is out there in front of the public's eyes, the more likely it is people will develop the trust and familiarity necessary to do business with you. While the rule of seven has existed since before TV it's still good advice in today's world of accessable media and social networks.

The Rule of Seven and Strong Brand for Your Small BusinessBreak Through the Noise

Repeated exposure to a business's message is required because we simply filter out much of what we see as we go about our day. Studies say we see thousands of advertisements a day. Our brain filters most of them out.

Professional branding service includes figuring out how to get your target market's attention, then looking at industry standards and creating marketing guidelines that will appeal and stand out to them. A compelling, targeted brand can go a long way to getting you noticed quickly and the sooner you're noticed, the sooner you can start building trust.

Building Trust with Branding

By simply having good branding you create trust. Consistency in appearance and message suggests your business is professional and well run. It's a small step to assume your products and services are high quality if you present yourself well. It's no different than judging someone at a job interview based on how they dress.

Beyond simply looking good, a quality branding effort will take advantage of market knowledge to create an identity for your business that appeals to you customer base. Branding that's in line with the expectations of your clients - that uses symbols, language and concepts that they're familiar and comfortable with - will help you earn their trust even faster.

Once a prospective client knows you exist and trusts you enough to make that first contact - whether it's visiting your website, calling you on the phone or walking in your front door - you have them. The quality of your services and products will make them a loyal customer and maybe even a brand advocate.

Effex Agency offers branding services in Melbourne Florida and Brevard County. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your small business or organization.

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